Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peter's Monsters

My name is Peter and I am nearly evil (I like to pretend to be evil).  And I love monsters.  Here are some of the monsters that I like.

The Chimera is like a lion with a fire-breathing goat head and a poisonous snake head, plus a plain lion head. 

The Manticore is a red lion with the head of a man and a big scorpion-like tail with lots of poisonous barbs it can shoot off. 

The Cockatrice is like a demon-like chicken with poisonous breath.

These are all mythical monsters, but they are cool anyway. 

There is also a Kraken, which is like a super giant squid that generates whirlpools as it dives down into the water, but I can't draw a very good picture of it.

Also, the Leviathan, which is like half lantern fish and half crocodile, and it eats Krakens!

Peter laughing
Peter sofa

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