Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Emma: Pearls of Wisdom from the 3-year-old

From the all wise Emma:

Emma does kill bad guys and moon our noses.  
(ed:  ????)

Uhhh, tape widows so they cannot escape ever ever again!

Now words can never escape, never all the way through towns.

Words cannot ever not tape ourselves to human bodies.

No Emmas allowed to use tape and glue. 
(ed:  Do you see why, now?)

Words cannot escape from us.

Emma does not use mouses.  
(ed:  This is FALSE.)

She can just use computer games.

Mommy can make her bread if I hope she does and it's dipping bread.

And mouses only get throwed away.  
(ed:  No idea)

Mommy can write and Emma can write too.

Press buttons.

Teddy bears all in our noses, you like pants.

And you like noses.

Somebody died in Star Wars that was getting into a baby.  
(ed:  Padme?) 


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