Thursday, November 1, 2012

What a Kraken is Like

The Kraken is, as I told you, a gigantic squid that dives into the water and creates gigantic spinning beds of water that suck ships to the bottom of the sea.  It is very similar to the monster that lives right down at the bottom of the sea, which creates a giant whirlpool, which sucks ships to the bottom, just like the Kraken's whirlpools.  I forgot what its name is, though.

Here are the weapons of the Kraken:
  • 8 powerful arms
  • 2 gigantic tentacles
  • hidden ink sack
  • mantle
  • beak

The Kraken is a gigantic danger to ships sailing on the sea, especially to giant warships because they have lots of people to lose.

This Kraken is eating a giant warship!

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