Thursday, June 13, 2013

In Which the Kids (and Daddy) Tell a Scary Story...

Once there was a large storm.

A menacing shadow rose over the abandoned cemetery.

Suddenly, it took the form of a marauding banana!

The banana chuckled and said to himself, "Time to make...applesauce!"  The homes of the slumbering apple people shone in the moonlit valley below.

He stalked down the slope, his stalk glistening in the soft, evil light.

A semi roared toward him.  He held out his peel and the truck slipped on it.

Meanwhile, in a small apple house, Susie Apple sat up in bed.  She saw the banana and screamed.

Meanwhile, up on a high mountainside in a cave, there was a wicked wizard who was controlling the banana!

The wizard had a cold, so he went to an evil guy and the evil guy killed the wizard.

The banana went completely insane or, as some people might say, it went "bananas."

The giant marauding bananas banana jumped into Susie Apples house, so she made Banana Shakes.

The End

Story Writers Waving

Can you guess who wrote 
each part of the story?

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